Our Expertise

Inspections and audits to vessels, barges and rigs to determine their safety and suitability to undertake the intended support activities.

• On/Off Hire Inspections / Pre-purchase Surveys
• Suitability or condition Surveys
• Project suitability
• Diving Systems (D023/D024) audits
• ROV (IMCA R006) audits

Operational and technical support staff for all DP Systems and in a wide range of operations, from logistic support to light construction and drilling.

We provide comprehensive DP Audits and an extensive range of verifications, testing, trials and inspections to ensure the DP system is operating to specification. Our expert team collaborate with crews and operators providing cost effective recommendations and enhancing safe vessel operations by managing risk and minimizing the probability of incidents, downtime, and off-hire.

• Dynamic Positioning (DP) System Assurance
• FMEA Proving and Annual Trials
• DP Operations Manuals & Procedures
• DP Capability Plots
• ASOG (Activity Specific Operating Guidelines)
• CAMO (Critical Activity Mode of Operation)
• ERN Calculations (Environmental Regularity Numbers)
• Incident Investigation
• Expert Witness
• DP Technical Consultancy

We provide all procedures and support necessary for all kind of tows, from ocean tow to short distance moves. From world area relocations to difficult Field Location.

• Ocean towing and rig moving
• Mooring of barges, MOUs and FSUs,
• Tow calculations, approvability schemes and towing plans
• Floaters tow & hook-Up
• Mooring system pre-installation, replacement, decommissioning
• Condition and suitability surveys for towing vessels and tows.
• Suitability and Operational Condition Inspection of Marine Spread for Rig Move (Fit for Purpose)
• Towage and/or dry-transportation attendance and approvals

Marine warranty services for complex operations associated with construction, transportation, and installation. We make sure that any special project it is planned and done according to the rules.

• Independent and impartial advice
• Review, approval and attendance for location surveys, load-outs, lifts, float-overs, towages, and transportations,
• MOU/MODU location approvals, Site Specific Assessment and Geohazard Evaluation for Emplacement of Jack-Ups
• Float-On, Dry Transportation & Float-Off of MODU
• Wet Towage Approval of MODU
• Mooring Analysis for Station Keeping

Our Assurance Solutions services are tailored for offshore actors, vessel owners and port operators, ensuring that regulatory industry standards and safety management are complied.

We help clients to identify, evaluate and mitigate organisation and operational risks, in a comprehensive, relevant, and cost-effective way.

We focus also in promoting a workplace culture and proactively manage risks and associated marine activities.

Outsource Services Solution are offered to enable our clients to focus on their core competencies and business while our consultants familiarise with the organisation ethos and bestow practical assurance and management solutions.

• Implementation of ISM, ISPS and MLC 2006
• Risk Assessment and risk control of all marine, offshore or port activities
• Review of SMS and vessel procedures
• Design and Development of SMS manuals, Operational Procedures, and Emergency Response Plans
• Compliance plan development
• IMCA, OCIMF or ISO audits
• Developing competence-based training scheme to support delivery of all marine functions, including cross-training with operators and contractors.
• Identification of leading and lagging key performance indicators.
• Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA)
• Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA)
• Marine Terminal Management and Self-Assessment (MTMSA)

Qualified specialist marine accident investigators and expert witnesses available at short notice to perform incident investigation work.

Expert advice and support to clients on a wide range of offshore incidents.

We perform investigations on behalf of charterers, vessel managers or underwriters, assessing the damage resulting from a vessel incident, and to assist on investigations and the determination of root causes.

Our surveyors investigate the cause of the incident, carry out forensic analysis of recorded data, and to provide independent advice in relation to salvage operations.

Expertise in marine salvage, wreck removal and major marine accidents. We can mobilise quickly and be on site within the first critical hours of an incident.

• 24/7 emergency casualty, accident, or incident response
• Casualty Management and response operations
• Advice and planification of marine salvage/ wreck removal/ bunker removal operations and methodology
• Site representation monitoring, assessing, and controlling of salvage and removal operations and projects.
• Consultancy and management of pollution prevention.
• Assessment and monitoring of casualty strength and stability throughout salvage/wreck removal operations

We can provide the right people for Dive or ROV operations, integrated inspection, maintenance, repair (IMR), and subsea process intervention.

• Subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance
• Subsea construction
• Diver and ROV inspection and intervention
• UWILD inspections of vessels
• Collection of cathodic potential (CP)
• Ship hull inspection and Ultrasonic thickness (UT)
• Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
• Single point mooring (SPM) maintenance
• Flow line installation
• Freespan correction and Subsea Stabilisation

Close contact with offshore vessel owners and numerous shipyards handling the sale, purchase and chartering of vessels including tugs, jack-ups, barges, dredgers, accommodation vessels, landing craft and workboats.

We are always informed and aware of market situations and always in close contact with keen buyers & sellers. We can help in all type of charters: Time, Bareboat & Towage contracts.

• Vessel chartering
• Opportunity contracts
• Tender preparations and guidance
• Whole fleet disposal for specialised projects
• Vessel spreads for marine construction projects

We provide tailored strategic solutions for a variety of STS operations between vessels of any size and involving different cargoes, including petroleum, chemicals, liquefied gases, and bulk.

Services include:

• STS compliant plans and procedures
• Technical marine assurance support
• Appointment of Service Provider and POAC
• Technical advice to the Master by his technical Operator
• Risk Assessment procedure
• 24/7 cover for scheduled and emergency transfers

• Mooring and berthing studies
• Ship motion, UKC and passing effect studies.
• Navigation and vessel manoeuvrability studies
• Probabilistic analysis and risk assessments
• Channel design and dredge optimization
• Port modelling and barge terminals
• Mooring Structures & Protection
• Dredging
• Underwater Inspections & Survey
• Scour & Erosion Remediation
• Underwater Construction
• Forecast environmental data (PortWeather)

We have close contact with international subsea engineering and marine site-characterisation companies, specialised in technical studies, surveys and investigations to establish the characteristics of marine development areas, sites and routes.

• Bathymetric surveys
• Side scan surveys
• Seismic Refraction Survey
• Magnetic Survey
• Topographic Survey

Through our independent engineering partners, we deliver a range of engineering and consultancy services across the Marine Industry, Renewables and Oil & Gas, providing specialist design and engineering services.

• Mooring analysis
• Multibody motion analysis based on interaction with waves, current and wind.
• Review and advise on Operational limits
• Offshore Transport and Seakeeping analysis
• Construction Transport, Installation and Removal
• Bollard pull
• Longitudinal strength analysis
• Float-over analysis
• Dynamic Lift and lowering Analysis

Offshore wind markets such as tidal and wave resources are cost-effective large-scale source of renewable energy and is growing globally.

Together with our partner company ÆOLIA Renewables we want to accompany this new service area.

We have the experience gained in the offshore sector and we are continuing our professional development to support this green expansion in every way.

We can support offshore wind project developers with project expansion services, engineering, and technical due diligence worldwide in collaboration with our partners.

• Marine operations management
• Logistics support
• Transportation; Loadout & Installation feasibility studies
• Installation engineering for jack-up units going on location including time domain studies that significantly improve the operating window for installation.
• Jacket launching and lifting installation engineering.
• Expert witness
• Marine Warranty